Assignment Self Evaluation

Before the final exam, you must e-mail me a brief self-evaluation of your reading blog, taking into account the following criteria:

  • Did you do all the assignments?
  • Did you do them on time?
  • How well did you do them?
  • Did you post them to Twitter?

E-mail me at Include a link to your blog in your self-evaluation.

Last Day of Class


If the paro continues tomorrow, please e-mail me your essays, post them in your blog, and tweet a link to it with the #intro2elit hash tag.

And stay posted for an end-of-semester survival guide.

See you soon, I hope!

Presentation and Reading Schedule

Friday, April 27

Monday, April 30

Wednesday, May 2

Friday, May 4

Monday, May 7

Wednesday, May 9

Presentations on Writers of Electronic Literature

For this assignment, you will select a group of writers of electronic literature and prepare a 20-minute presentation on their work with the goal of providing the class with a sense of the writer’s poetics, style, approaches, and works. The assignment consists of the following parts:

  • Assigned readings: You need to e-mail me 1 or 2 readings (depending on length) for the class so everyone is prepared. I need this as soon as possible so I can create the schedule for the next few weeks.
  • You will prepare a group presentation, using PowerPoint, Google Docs, Prezi, or whatever presentation software you choose. Your presentation should provide a sense of the writers’ approaches to e-literature, style as well as provide an analysis of the assigned works. Brief background information on the writer is also appropriate.
  • You must publish your presentation on your blogs using Slideshare, Google Docs, or some other service, and tweet the link, using the hashtag #intro2elit.

Any questions?

Essay #2: Writers of Electronic Literature

For this essay, you must select one of the writers below and write an essay in which you explore their work, formulate a thesis statement that explains their approach to electronic literature and support it with detailed analysis of 2-3 of their representative works.

The final paper should be no less than 1000 words long— about 4 pages in MLA format (typed, double-spaced, with 1” margins, and a 12-point Arial, Times, or Times New Roman font). Any use of sources must be documented in impeccable MLA format—parenthetical citation (author’s last name & page number) and works cited page.

A printed copy of this essay is due in class on Friday, May 4. Post a copy of your essay in your blog and Tweet a link to it with the title of the paper and the hashtags #intro2elit and #essay.

Writers to explore:


bryanbvs asked: What do you mean by "three-dimensional virtual spaces on electronic literature" in the third question?? An example?

Myst, second life, Knoebel & Waber.


pixng asked: I need help with the first question. "When analyzing the impact of combinatorial or generative elements"....???

Here’s a hint: “Cent Mille Milliards de Poemes” and “Material Combinatorium Supremum” and Dan Waber’s “Sestinas.”


misshollyangel-deactivated20130 asked: Can you please explain what you mean by "impact of time" in the scheduled works of electronic literature?

Think about the effect it has on the experience of the work. How does the use of scheduling (that is, time) help shape the work?